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Do you want to attract new business? imagical can help. With a powerful brand and online presence you can. Our talented team of designers can create a strong distinctive brand for your business. Our genius web developers can create a website that works on PCs, tablets and mobiles.


Why Choose Us

With a strong track record and reputed client based we have been serving UK individuals & SMEs successfully. Our creative design and professional service will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Web Design

It is essential for all modern businesses to have a website. It gives you credibility and shows clients you are fit for today’s economy.

Web Marketing

More and more business is now conducted online, e-commerce allows you to reach a national and international market

Graphics Design

Your logo is the most memorable branding aspect. Make it unique, stand out and relevant to your business.


We offer any design work from, logos, flyers, banners, badges to wrapping your car in promotional branding!

Social Media Management

Every website needs a reliable host. We provide UK based hosting at affordable rates, perfect to suit new and developing businesses.

Facebook Campaign Management

There is no point in creating great communication if we are not talking to enough people.

Facebook Application Development

We create interactive Facebook applications which are targeted toward your customers thus encouraging them to become your Facebook followers and friends.


Today, most people use the Internet when shopping for products and services – We make sure those customers can easily find you.


More and more business is now conducted online, e-commerce allows you to reach a national and international market without the costs involved of opening physical branches

Translation services

Documents, Research, Apps, Contracts, Websites & more... We can translate to and from any world langauge

Every website needs a reliable host. We provide UK based hosting at affordable rates, perfect to suit new and developing businesses.

imagical will provide original design solutions for all your graphic design and marketing solutions.

imagical solutions are flexible and adaptable to provide that unique service that best suits your business, customer base, and budget.

Our Skills


Web Design
Graphic Design
  • They had some unique ideas for a new logo and brilliant ideas for the website. I would definitely recommend them as they are a young, ambitious and very talented team!
    Tanvi Shah, Orchid Speech Therapy,
  • that have been created and the Masala Tour is only beginning to take shape. His flyer will be a very memorable keepsake for many – not something they will easily put in the bin. And that speaks volumes.
    Dr. Atul K Shah, Diverse Ethics,
  • imagical designed all of our marketing materials  including our website, flyers and business cards. What impressed me the most was their ability to recognise our needs and the image we were looking to potray for our company. All of the designers at imagical were always at hand to discuss our ever changing requirements and this meant that our services were delivered promptly. I was very pleased with all of their designs and will definitely be recommending them to everyone.
    Ravi Popat, Director of Revolution Entertainment Ltd,
  • Put simply, the guys at imagical are very good operators. Right from the start, Bhavik, Nirav and Janvi helped Cambridge Futures translate the vision for their rebrand into a reality. After a productive initial meeting, they delivered a completely new design for our logo within 72 hours. From there, we went through a series of steps together to rejuvenate our existing website. The constant level of communication that they maintained throughout the project was both impressive and highly invaluable to the Futures team; we would not have hit the deadline of launching the new site in time for freshers week without this. We are also aware that imagical coded and drafted multiple versions of the website through the night to ensure the project was completed to the highest possible standard. More than anything, Bhavik and Nirav are just good guys, who are both extremely ambitious, talented and diligent individuals. Business aside, I know I’ll stay in touch with them, and I look forward to working with them both on another project in the near future. Thank you imagical!
    Tom Bordell, Cambridge Futures,
  • imagical are amazing designers who’s help we kindly recruited during our Young Enterprise programme. They were very professional and helped us to create a product which we could sell to the mass market. imagical was very helpful in how to produce our wallcharts and he helped us greatly by offering advice on what to do next. All in all, I would like to thank imagical for such amazing help in the production of our wall charts and also the valuable advice they offered.
    Sachin Shah MD of Rising Stars,
  • I was very impressed with imagical and in particular the effort made to get things just how they are wanted. The professionalism, caring about the customer’s needs and patience in reaching their goals was great. The service was excellent. I would strongly recommend iMagical for that professional website design development at low prices and knowing that their after sales service is also there, in fact I have recommended imagical to a number of companies who are equally very pleased with the services of imagical. Many thanks’.
    Bharat Solanki, CAREducation Trust Trustee,

Our Work

Here are some examples of our work

Our Clients

Here are some of our trusted clients


Imagical CO UK

Imagical is a leading firm situated in the UK. We offer great digital services in the United Kingdom including Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, Logo Design, Website Marketing, Printing Services, E-commerce Development, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Newsletter Design and more… Imagical has served clients all over the globe with very satisfied clients.

Furthermore, Imagical translation services are available at Imagical CO UK. Whether you a businessmen, shopkeeper or any else. Imagical is good at designing, development, marketing, and other digital services.

We are well known for providing modern digital services, development services, hosting and email services and more.

We are the builders, we build you, your business and boost it to the revenue providing company. Every project starts with a logo. Having started from a logo, we aim to build the dynamic web application which can be created on any CMS or custom code.

Whether you want a CMS Based website like WordPress or want a custom developed code website with an admin panel to handle your website yourself. Imagical can do it for you. We have highly expert designers, developers, marketers, and planners, who can build your website and business.

Why work with us!

  • We are Professional
  • We are Transparent
  • We are Reliable

We are Professionals: Imagical and our team have driven a lot of projects for thousands of clients across the globe. We have always delivered projects in time with best regards and received much praise by our clients. We have a big team of professionals of our services, who remain busy improving our services for the clients. This is why most of the big companies trust us.

We are Transparent: Our services and prices are open and public for all. So that, clients can come to know about our packages, services, and pricing of Imagical CO UK.

We are Reliable: In the Digital Industry, it is difficult to find reliable peoples, companies, and teams. Companies collapse when they come across any complication during the project or sometimes they get absent for days because of having some bigger clients. Imagical Digital Agency has always stood by their clients in every situation. We treat our clients equally and never abandon them alone.

In the United Kingdom, there are several digital agencies who provide all these services. But it is really important to see someone trustworthy, competitive, and pricing. Our pricing our most competitive in the UK and we are these will fit your budget.