5 Principles to make a good LOGO

Logo design is extremely important for existing and new businesses.

For new businesses it must convey the message of your business at once glance.
For existing and mature businesses, your logo should create and identifiable brand that influences repeat business and customer loyalty.

Here are imagical's top 5 principles to make a great logo design. imagical.co.uk, design in North London, implements these rules to create you with a unique logo to build a strong and recognisable brand upon.

5 Principle your LOGO design must fulfil

  • Appropriate
  • Memorable
  • Colour
  • Simple & Versatile
  • Timeless

Logo Design must be APPROPRIATE

Depending on your business niche, your logo must be identifiable to your target market. Even if it is simple text or an ident of an object that widely identifies your industry. It should be related yet distinct. Logo should not be a copy or a rip-off of your competitor, this will always make you second best, you want to be the best.

Example: LA Lakers
The basketball in the ident along with the text LA straight away allows a user to identify the the sport and the location.
July 8th & 10th -
Rickshawalas approached imagical for a logo design showing exactly what they were doing: travelling in a rickshaw.Rickshawalas-300x300

Logo design must be MEMORABLE

Your logo is the identity of your business and should be memorable and instantly recognisable. The best example of this is the McDonalds "M"
It is recognised world wide and even from a long distant represents availability of fast food.
This has not been created over night and is credit to the business success, however the simplicity and distinctiveness of the logo has made it very memorable.



At imagical we do not yet know which one of our clients will be as successful so their brand is recognised in a similar way, however we ensure the distinction and simplicity is apparent in all our designs to create that memorability.

Logo design colours matter

The colour of the logo sets the mood of your brand, it is how the customer will perceive you. Red suggests hot, lively, bright, warm. Blue can suggest calm, cool or technological. Green relates to environment, organic, natural.



imagical created a logo for Natural Herbal, a London based herbal food supplement provider.



Logo design must be SIMPLE & VERSATILE

If your logo is intricately complicated it becomes cryptic to your target. It is harder to recognise and creates complications when publishing marketing material. It should be versatile so you be used in colour as well as black and white, and where it can be adapted for product niches and versions, as well as subsidies of a parent brand.



The BBC uses a simple idea that varies over its network, the colours flow and a small change in the circle symbolises each station

These modern social networks show that the a very simple ident can create a powerful brand when backed up with an innovative idea. The Facebook "F" or the Twitter Bird are very simple. The simplicity means even in different colours or from a distant, the brand is easily recognised.

imagical created the CARE Youth logo, which has been used in various print material and clothing, its aligned with the parent brand. The simplicity is easily recognised.



Logo design must be TIMELESS

A logo must live long as the business and the brand. Here is an example of two great competitors, which one do you think is more stable and successful?

At imagical we try create longevity in our logos keeping traditional aspects as well as forward looking design.



A Logo is very important to your brand and identity. Create it strong and carefully.
imagcial based in North London can design the correct logo for you.

imagical: Logo Design in North London

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feature image by Chris Sharp/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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