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We at realise the importance of giving back and doing something to make a positive change. In the past we have made websites and all design material for CAREducation Trust UK & Rickshawalas.








 Giving Back Proposal - Matching your donation

We already assist our chosen charity, CAREducation Trust UK, with raising awareness through the complimentary web and design work we carry out for them. This allows them to establish a stronger, more attention grabbing brand. We now want to help them fund raise. will match any donation from our clients up to 10% of your web and design invoice.

For example a website developed for £500.00, you can donate a further £50 to charity and we will match it. Together we contribute £100 to charity and educating underprivileged children

Now not only can you get a fantastic website or design work, you can contribute to the betterment of the lives of underprivileged children in developing countries.

CARE provides education to children without discrimination of caste, sex, creed, religion. CARE believes an education allows a child to fight his/her own way out of poverty and the benefits can be felt across their whole family and wider society.

Why have we chosen CARE?

  • 100% grass-roots charityno admin costs are taken out from your donation.
  • We have visited their projects and have physically seen the difference they are making and changing lives and futures.

Show your support for this amazing cause today:


rick-cover based in North London provides web development and graphic design services to individuals and businesses. We are always looking to work with new charities and will provide preferential rates, contact us today

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