Mistakes NOT to make on your WEBSITE

Many people and businesses have self made websites, or old websites. There are some common mistakes when building a website. imagical.co.uk specialises in unique websites perfectly adapted to your business. Here are our do nots.


Top Website Mistakes

Spelling & Grammar Mistakes

With modern technology and computerised Spell Check this shows lack of care and professionalism.keep-clam-and-spell-check-11-257x300 Microsoft Office, Google Docs and WordPress have spell check, F7 functions. Use them. Get colleagues to check over your site.

Furthermore, it is important how you space out your text, not too many blocks of text. The reader needs to easily pick out the key points they are looking for

Out of date content

Do you have an offers page, or price list? Is it showing the most up to date information?

Are you selling products that have been upgraded, is your site showing iPhone 4 specs, when you are selling an iPhone 5?
Are your latest blogs about the Xmas sales when we are in June?

Your prospective client will read out of date content as one of two things. Either that business is so good that you have no time to update your site OR that you just do not care and are not professional enough a business to do business with. More likely the later.

Keep your site content up to date.

Even Google will score you higher in searches if your content is more current and updated often.

Out of date design & functionality

Many websites were built using old versions of HTML, when computer screens were smaller and smart phones and other devices did not exist. A website that is old looking or does not function properly on smart phones and new browsers such as Chrome, give off the impression of an old business.

Poor Navigation

The user must be able to get the information they require easily. If there is no clear way to direct themselves to the information they will just go away. You only have a few seconds to direct the user to the information they want or the information you want to give them.



Continuing from attention span, you have to directbuy-now-300x87 a user to take some action. How do they buy your product? How do they obtain more information?  Resulting in business for you.

Over use of FLASH

Many browsers, in particular on phones and tablets including iPhones and iPads do not support Flash. Furthermore even though it looks modern, it does not search well on Google and other search engines.

Sounds & Auto-Play music

Sound elements that automatically play when a page is loaded can create many problems for your visitors.

Some people may be visiting your site from a library or work and auto playing content can be distracting or embarrassing.

Many people stream their own music and video over the web as well so when they visit your site the additional sound will conflict with the media they already have playing.

Not targeting your target market

This is relevant for your website and any print material. If you are targeting an older user, a simpler navigation and larger text size may be appropriate. If you are targeting children brighter colours work better.

Do your research and get feedback from your target market on the most effective website appearance and ease of use.

No Favicon

A simple and very small aspect of your website. Gives a lot of credibility and professionalism.  There are lots of free generators online, so make sure you add one to your site.

RULES for an effective WEBSITE

  • Use spell check and proof read
  • Update regularly
  • Get your target market to test your website, listen to feedback
  • Obvious 'call to action'
  • No Flash
  • 3 steps or 3 clicks for the user to get the information they need

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