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Complimentary Design work to Support a great cause



We at realise rikshawwalathe importance of giving something back and doing something to make a change. In the past we have made websites and all design material for CAREducation Trust & Rickshawalas. design the flyer below for the cause

We have done our part, now we want you to support the cause, please come along and spread the word

 SOS: Save Our Sisters - Candlelight Vigil

India it’s time for change.

Mahatma Gandhi said ‘The day a woman can walk freely on the roads of India, that day we can say India has achieved Independence.’ 

Backed by The Big Hug Foundation and the CAREducation Trust, come show your support for the victim of the Delhi Gang Rape and all women in India by coming to a Candle Lighting Memorial at the Gandhi Statue, Tavistock Square Gardens, WC1H 9ND (Nearest tube: Euston, Euston Sq or Russell Sq)

Help us raise awareness, show support in India, improve the Judicial system by changing laws and having more police patrolling vulnerable areas.

The women of India do not deserve to be treated like this and it’s time to make a voice to help create a change!

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