There is no point in creating great communication if we are not talking to enough people. Our Facebook campaign management program is comprised of paid advertisement activities that generate a continuous stream of visitors to your Brands Facebook Page, creating high visibility and wide exposure within the Facebook platform or creating & diverting traffic to the company web site.

Through community management we help clients to increase their Facebook community engagement by building their:

  1. Creative Ad
  2. Selection of Target Audience
  3. Day Parting Scheduling ( what days and times ads will run)
  4. Landing Page Selection


  1. More Likes
  2. Increased Talking About This
  3. More Engagement

The Catch - The more a brand is willing to spend, the more frequently the ad will appear throughout the Facebook network. Facebook Ads are comprised of a small static image and a few lines of text, but the program also offers specific ad types to promote an external web site, Facebook Application, Facebook Page or Facebook Event. By this it ensures a permanent connection.