Why a website is better than print media for marketing

A website is more cost effective, has a wider reach and

lasts longer...

Traditionally businesses have used print media to market their brand, products and services. This was the primary way before the web came along. The only other options were TV and Radio which were expensive.

Many business have been slow to utilise the advantages of websites and web based marketing. Here is why you should have a great website and use the web instead of traditional print marketing.


Website is life long

A website and web based marketing on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter hold the content there forever. Unlike a flyer or newspaper that gets discarded, web media is there for life. Even if it drops down a feed, the content will always be searchable on search engines like Google.

Website will reach a wider audience

Print media will only reach those who are there when you distribute. A website and social networks allows reach to a much greater audience, at a time and place that suits your audience. Further some social networks allow targeted marketing to an audience that fits your client's demographic.

Web posts can go viral and social networks allow others to share and publicise your marketing for you.

Website is editable

Print media is a one off, every update, every change, every mistake costs you more. A website can be edited and updated, often for free.
Our WordPress website are completely self maintainable and updatable.

Web reach is measurable

Unlike print media that you send out and have no idea how many people read it. A website allows analytics, therefore you can see how, who, where your content is reaching. What search terms direct people to your content. Clicks and conversions can also be measured.

Facebook allows you to see the size of the audience you have reached and then the option to pay for a wider reach.

Websites are more cost effective

How much does your print media cost you? Paper, ink, delivery is expensive. Our websites start from a few hundred pounds only and you have all the benefits mentioned.

Most social networks are free, but we recommend you to use good content and graphics, so you may need to hire some help.

Web is greener

In a time where we want to save paper and trees, not litter and cause global warming, print seems like not such a good idea.


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