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Forty years from now there has been a dynamic development of social media, the first form being in 1971 when the first e-mail was sent, but why has this industry increased greatly over the past ten years? The first real sign of a social networking site was the development of AOL’s instant messaging service in 1997 which then went on to develop into sites like Friendstar and Myspace where over 350 million people use these same sites today. In 2004 the well-known Facebook was launched where today over 600 million people use this service to not only communicate but share videos, pictures, blogs and markets which has seemed to attract more and more people everyday. There after in 2006 the site Twitter was created which provided an entertainment for over 200 million people, where they can tweet and follow their friends, celebrities and other people on twitter. This huge increase in social media has meant a large percentage of the world’s population are associated with these social networking sites whereby now a days some may feel like outsiders not being on one.

So why is social networking so important?


  • The revolution in industry and technology has meant social network sites like Facebook can be easily be accessible through the development of mobile phones and their applications as well as the development in networking and communications where sites can be accessible in a matter of seconds.
  • The development in technology has meant there is always a presence of social media throughout the world and has made social media a must for many people.


  • Now a days many have found social networking site like Facebook and Linked In the easiest way to promote their services and products, with marketplaces and many blogs encouraging people to buy. The ease of making pages, events and groups has influenced people into marketing via such sites, which has been followed by safer payment methods across the net encouraging many to invest into the products being promoted.


  • Not only are the new social networking sites a cheap and quick form of communication, they have also meant people are able to contact when far away from one another and new services like Skype has meant people are able to even talk to one another or even have a video call with very little expenses.

The development of social media has grown insanely, and I feel over the next fifty years almost everything will be ultimately computer based with other services similar to the social networking sites like Facebook may grow to offer a whole load of intelligent and sophisticated concepts and become a necessity for many.

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