A Successful Start Up Business!


Secrets to making a successful start up business!

Think of an idea...

The best ideas come from noticing when something is missing or can be done better. In other words INNOVATION. You must innovate! Your idea does not need to be totally new, it has to solve a problem, thats all. It should be a service or a product not currently available in a particular area, or to a certain demographic. It could be something that saves people time or money.
You have to remember, you must give something to your customer, even if it as basic as convenience or as complex as an experience that wows them off their feet!

Observe the market...

Make a market for your innovation. Make an innovation for your market


Find your niche... 

Do not try to be a Jack of all trades, Master of none. Resources are limited so you can not offer everything to the highest quality. Be unique and serve an unserved part of the population. Master one niche and you can always expand, be it service, product, demographic or location. Create a name for your business in that niche. It will help your website and SEO too. E.g. imagical has a name and reputation for design in North London among successful small businessess


Make sure your numbers add up. Is your idea viable? Can you make enough compared to the next best alternative? Ask yourself if you have a new idea, if its not being done, is it really that no one has thought of it? Or is it that its not viable and anyone doing it did not survive?

Keep overheads and costs to a minimal. If you keep it small you can always upgrade, never start day one with an expense to overcome, that will stop your creativity.
Try not to commit to contracts e.g. long leases or employment contracts.

Create a name and a brand...

The name should say something about the product/serviceOE-Ident that instantly creates a perception. Think of the sounds. Think of the words. Think of your target market. Will they understand it instantly? The brand with the logo, name and tagline must sell you to your market. Be modest but strong. imagical’s recent favourites are “Vitamin Water” and “Only Eggless” Do not make spellings ambiguous. When verbally saying it, someone should be easily be able to type to go on your website. Make it easy for your target to identify, acknowledge and remember you.

vitaminwaterlogoimagical’s creative team can help with brand names and logo designs. We can create a unique logo and brand name that makes your start up business stand out from the crowd. An imagical brand and logo will instantly tell your clients the quality of the product or service and exactly what you are trying to sell. imagical is the place for any design in North London



Get a strong website made...

You need a good website. It is your portfolio. It allows linking together social media. In today’s world everyone searches online. If they know you, they will search to get contact details. If they don’t, then the strength of your websites allows them to find you via search engines and social media. You do not have to spend a lot to make a good website.

Get a friendly innovative company like imagical to help. imagical provides user friendly maintenance free website tailored to your start up needs.

Reputation is key...

Your reputation is the most important attribute to keep on top of, not only for your business but even for yourself. You can sell or close a business, however your personal reputation stays with you. Ensure your reputation is a true representation of you and the person you want the world to see.

These are just a few essential points to consider, we are very much for enterprising and encouraging entrepreneurship. In today’s age it's a shame as the number of entrepreneurs are dropping and it is even hard in the economic climate to be successful. However we believe with the right tools, careful planning and drive it can be done. We have done it.

CALL us or EMAIL us today for a FREE start up consultation. We can help you with emails, website, domain and hosting as well as all parts of logo and brand design. We are design in North London and will come to you at your convenience.

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